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Life Coaching

My mission here is to create awareness and space for stillness. The way we have learned to live day to day life can sometimes feel chaotic, unbalanced and unfulfilling. Women today, try to be everything to everyone. Forgetting about themselves. 

While working together as part of our coach/client relationship, we will embark on a thought-provoking, creative journey inspiring and maximising your potential. I create space for you to explore who you want to be, for you. As a coach I believe that we as humans are naturally creative, resourceful and whole - meaning that you already have your answers within you. My job is to guide and support you in bringing forth those answers that best serve you, through truely listening to you, without judgment or bias and asking questions that enable you to uncover your own truths. Through out this process we will focus on what is important to you, be it more balance, achieving a goal or exploring a new path in life.