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How to Purchase Essential Oils?

I offer a 20 minute free consultation via phone call, whatsapp, zoom or over coffee if you are in Wellington, NZ! If you would like a consultation first to help you decide what essential oils would suit your needs best, please don't hesitate to contact me at +64 27 588 7814 via text or email [email protected]

However, if you know exactly what you want and how to use your oils and just want to purchase, then there are a few steps below to guide you. ( Note; there are 3 ways to buys Doterra Essential Oils: 1) Retails = Full Price, 2) Wholesale = 25% off, 3) Start with a Wellness Kit = Most cost effective way to start. With option 3 your wholesale account if free and the oils are discounted more than 25%) On step 6 below where it says to 'Choose your starter Wellness Kit OR Choose $40/€25 introductory pack' it's important to note that the introductory pack is free with all starter Wellness Kits, only if you decide that you don't want to start with a kit and wish to only purchase individual oils, will you need to purchase the one time only $40/€25 introductory pack to open your wholesale account, then you add your oils of choice to cart.

Steps to purchase Doterra Essential Oils:

  1. Go to my website:
  2. Click Join & Save
  3. Select your Language & Country
  4. Select Wholesale Customer
  5. dōTERRA Referral ID enter: 7819390
  6. Choose your starter Wellness Kit OR choose $40 / €25 introductory pack & any products you want. Then checkout.
  7. Contact me when your order arrives!